To Dear Future


The ‘Freaks and Geeks' Reunion (photos by Mark Seliger, 2012)


It’s been great

And I really appreciate him

Tomorrow, the 28th of December, I am gonna tell him I love him at Disneyland.

Tomorrow, the 28th of December, I am gonna tell him I love him at Disneyland.

On lists and productivity

It’s not a big update. Just remember that today you have decided to care about money. But you know in your heart that it’s not money perse that you put care into - what you are doing is making sure that you will have good funding for your travels.

Dear self, when you’re reading this again, know that you have pushed to conquer your heart and mind, have seen enough of the world, made friends all over, loved to the fullest. There is only one life. Always remember that. And if you find yourself in a stump, go out. Just go out please.


I hope you live like 27. Whatever 27 means.

Next year, go out and spend your birthday where the crazies are. With fireworks and jump ropes and sparkles

Also, do remember: always, always be grateful.

There are days like this one. When, after going through every nook of the internet reading about this infection, you feel as though you need to understand it more.

I got tested a few weeks ago. It returned well. Non-reactive. Negative.

Right now my mind a a blur. there are way too many things running against each other right now. what is this feeling? what have been nagging me the past days? is oral sex safe? what do i tell him? do I tell him to always be cautious? to always check if he has any sores in his mouth before even blowing me? when do we have sex? do i go rough? do i always check the fucking condom? DO I EVEN ACT.

i just know that i love him. i am happy when i see him. i am comfortable when we hug each other to sleep. i love the person that he is. i love how he loves people. i love how he loves life. i love how he handles this relationship. i love how he handles his infection. i love him.

man, i don’t know. sometimes i just want to talk this out into oblivion.

I have come to a realization that with family, with friends, with work, I will always be “the immature one” “the one who never grew up” “the one who does things his way” - and I know, when I see it in their eyes, how they feel bad for me. But here’s the thing. No matter how they feel bad, I know those are reflections. They feel bad for themselves. They judge me on their standards - on the norm. As much as they judge me, they judge themselves too. As much as they judge themselves, they end up keeping me. Because I am the person they will never be. They live vicariously through me. And it is okay to play that role.

A decision which will stick

You’ve always considered yourself to be one with an open mind. Hell, being gay should do that.

But what is this right now?

You know you’ll decide for the better. It will not even take time. You have decided, even. But are you ready?

Don’t haste. There is nothing to waste.

If it’s a love that will be, then let love be.

Kids who will stay gold

I am going to name my son Ponyboy

Out there. Active and Experienced

Dear self,

I hope that you get to read this a year from now.

I hope that you achieved it. You are most probably in Chiangmai but, if it’s another city, there’s no regret. You are conquering yourself. It was a stretch. Be happy. Take it all in. This doesn’t come and didn’t come easily. You gave up on other things. Because you now, deep in your heart, that this is something you really have to do. Be great at it. It is not a vacation. It feels like it. That’s the icing on the cake - a lovely consequence. Be sure to learn. Learn learn learn. Be a beginner.

One more thing. You are in fairly good shape now. Continue the activity. It will serve you well in the years to come.