To Dear Future
to this extent

Sometimes, a simple smile warms your heart and you understand that being in a relationship is worth it. You’d rather not be anywhere else other than with him.

Life is good

Maybe I’ve grown a lot lately- too old for bathhouse (or sleep-house? Haha).
I just want to sleep at the comfort of my own bed, hopefully with a nice memory foam mattress (soon!). Hugging the best person in the world. Now that’s better. And life is good.

Of investing yourself

Man, you shed a year for work today. It’s not because of others. But because you love your work. You do what you do because you know you are valued, because you know what you do is of value. To main things showed up today: some people will never get over their jealousy, while some people will always love you. Be grateful. The first will be laggers. You will be winners with the believers.

Remember, tomorrow, make it right. Make it damn right. Choose to be kind. Choose to do whatever they didn’t expect of you. Choose good. This is water. Recognize it for what it is. And be conscious of it. Steer yourself to the right direction.

Someday, tangier
To swimming into the right direction. Together.

Here’s to never giving up to relationships that matter.
Here’s to recognizing the important things in life.
Here’s to holding on to that one true special love.
Here’s to forgiveness.
Here’s to vows.

The insides are bursting to a million little pieces

Today changes everything. I hope I, we, do not let go.

What have we come to realize

Some days will suck. Some people will suck. But suck the fuck they do, let them be and decide to be merry. Carry that burden and be, be a crazy gooney. Gone. Gone. Gone.

Like Barney, if like gets crazy, decide to be awesome instead.

You head up your shoulders should stay. Bear all sorrows and joy. Remember, remember, there is much to care in this world. Remember, remember, never regret. Remember, remember, to never go slowly into the night. Remember, remember, that you will never remember your boring days. You will never remember the office. You will never remember what you never gave a chance to be experienced. Always be. Always be. Dear to your personhood. Dear to your being.

A year in a life

This is, by far, the best relationship ever.


Life is always great
Stay curious
Be a kid
Jump into things
Into places
Into situations you’ve never even thought will be possible
Never go lightly into the night

It’s been great

And I really appreciate him